Visitor Information

“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” – Romans 15:7

Dear Visitor,

We are pleased that you are exploring Grace Community as a place of worship. We know there are many different types of churches in the area and are humbled that you would consider us.

We believe that the purpose of the church is the growth of God’s people, by God’s grace, for God’s glory, and that the power for such growth comes from the Holy Spirit working in and through God’s word.

Whether you will be here for a Sunday or a season, we welcome you to join with us in worshipping the God who transforms us. And so, we offer this invitation:

To all…
Who are spiritually weary and seek rest;
Who mourn and long for comfort;
Who struggle and desire hope;
Who sin and need a Savior;
Who are lonely and yearn for fellowship;
Who hunger and thirst after righteousness;
And to whoever will come;

This church opens wide our doors and offers welcome in the name of the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

With all His grace,
Pastor Brent

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Sundays at 10:45 am
Sunday school for all ages at 9:45 am
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Questions about our church...

Who is welcome at GCC?

If you are struggling, weary, distressed, poor or rich; if you are curious, lonely, longing for dignity and respect as an individual created in the image of God; if you want to know of the love of God who sent His only Son into the world; you are part of the “all” who are welcome. Read Matthew 11:28-30.

What if I am not a Christian?

Come as a learner. Many people have rejected Christianity without ever understanding its most fundamental beliefs and practices. Come and learn. Then decide on the basis of your investigation.

What if I am new to Christianity?

Then you need to hear in a clear and systematic manner what the Bible teaches. That is what the Church is on earth to do. Read Matthew 28:16-20.

What if I am new to the Reformed faith?

The Church is made up of “children,” “fathers,” and “young” members (see 1 John 2:12-14). People at all stages of maturity need to be instructed and equipped for a life of wisdom and significance in the world.

What if I don’t agree with everything?

You won’t know what you agree or disagree with unless you come to hear and discuss. We are not in the city to tout our own opinions, but to present at face value what God has said in His Word.

What do I do if I have questions?

Ask them! We promise to respectfully listen. We welcome the opportunity to give honest answers to honest questions.

Questions about worship...

Why do we worship the way we do?

We believe that worship is an interaction between God and His people, a dialogue of sorts. For example, God in his Word declares himself worthy of worship and adoration in the call to worship. We respond in a prayer of adoration and in song. Because God speaks through His Word alone, we incorporate Scripture into every element of the service. We read, pray, sing, listen and meditate upon God’s Word.

What should I expect Sunday Morning?

When you first arrive, you should expect to be met by a greeter at the front door, welcoming you, providing you with a bulletin, and directing you to the right place. You should be warmly welcomed by the church as well. Our Sunday School time is designed to be an educational environment where questions are welcomed. Our Worship time is designed as a time of sacred devotion to our Triune God in thought, song and word.

How do you choose your songs?

Song selection is not necessarily an easy task for those who understand that worship to be a dialogue between God and the worshipper. The purpose of song is to give the worshipper an acceptable means of expressing a response to God. Since we have a variety of elements in our worship, we strive to choose songs that would express the appropriate truth in a fitting and appropriate manner. We desire that the music score echo in emotion what the lyrics are declaring.

What type of music should I expect?

Sacred. The word ‘Sacred’ simply means that which is devoted to God. Thus, ‘Sacred’ music is going to be different from ‘Pop’ music. ‘Pop’ music is a reflection of the culture, and is with our current culture so consumed with emotion that it isn’t difficult to see how pop music has also become consumed with emotion, even to the point of manipulation. Sacred music, while still emotional, finds the emotions aroused because of the content of the lyric and the object of our praise, and not the rhythm. Thus, much of our music will be music that has been passed down to us from other generations-songs and hymns that have stood the test of time. At the same time, we incorporate modern songs and hymns as they fit into the overall scheme of the service because we recognize that we too will be passing on sacred music to the next generation.

Why should I attend church every week?

The best answer I have found for this question comes from Terry Johnson.

“The first and primary key to your family’s spiritual health is a commitment to the weekly public worship services of the church. The most important single commitment you have to make to ensure your family’s spiritual well-being is regular, consistent attendance at public worship.

Sound far-fetched? I’ll say it even stronger. I have yet to meet a person for whom it could not be said that all of his problems, personal, marital, familial, or vocational would not be solved by such a commitment. I do not believe that the person for whom this is not true exists. By saying so, I do not minimize the seriousness of the problems that people face. Rather, I maximize our confidence in the power of the gospel. So I’ll say it again: we do not know of anyone of who it could not be said, if only he were in worship week in and week out, fifty-two weeks a year, year after year, his problems would be basically solved.”

[The basic presupposition under this statement is that the worship is in fact biblical and that the preaching of the Word is according to the FULL council of God.]

The Family Worship Book by Terry Johnson. c. 2009, Christian Focus Publishers. Page 3.

What should I wear?

Clothing is of second importance, behind attendance. It is more important that we are present, than what we wear. That said, what we wear is important because it reveals our attitudes. We dress for the occasion. We wear old clothes when we work in the yard because we don’t care about our appearance and we have a project to accomplish. Appropriate attire for worship would reflect an attitude that we are entering into the presence of the King of the Universe, and we are doing so in order to declare that ALL admiration belongs to him. Therefore, if our clothing distracts from the awe and reverence to be shown to the Lord, our clothing is inappropriate.

What version of the Bible is most frequently used?

The English Standard Version (ESV) is most common, though the King James Version (KJV) and the New American Standard (NASB) are close seconds. If someone does not have a Bible of their own, we will gladly provide them with one.

What do you look for in a Bible translation?

A Bible translation is just that, a translation. Therefore, what we look for is first a reverence for God’s Word as God’s Word by the translators. Second, we look for translations that aim at accurately conveying the concepts of the original language using nearly a word-for-word conversion. Thus, paraphrases such as the Living Bible, while being helpful in certain situations, are not preferred for the preaching, teaching and studying of God’s Word.

What is available for children during worship?

We do not want to exclude children from our worship service, even the ones that are crying! But we recognize that some children (especially toddlers) are not able to focus through the entire service. Therefore, we offer both a cry room and a nursery.

Do you have worship on Sunday evenings also?

Yes, ordinarily. We believe that the Lord’s Day refers to the entire day, not just the morning hours. Therefore, we normally have an evening worship service. During certain times of the year, we will have small groups instead.